What to Wear in San Francisco: Packing List for All Seasons

What to wear in San Francisco

As you research your trip to San Francisco, you might discover that the weather here is a little bit different. San Francisco doesn’t get the traditional 4 seasons. It doesn’t snow in the winter and the temperature doesn’t change too drastically throughout the year. I’m looking at you midwest with your 100* and humid summer and below freezing winters! But the weather in San Francisco does present a unique packing challenge thanks to its microclimates. If you’re wondering what to wear in San Francisco during your trip, we are going to break it down by what you’ll need for each of our seasons.

Side note, if you need help figuring out what to do in San Francisco, check out this San Francisco itinerary.

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San Francisco Style

One thing I want to discuss before we dive any deeper into your San Francisco packing list is the unique San Francisco style. San Francisco is a stylish, yet casual town. Jeans are a staple in a San Francisco lifestyle as we like to enjoy the city life, but also get outside!

What I love the most about the style in the city is that you’ll see it all. You’ll see high-end fashion shops directly across the street from a thrift store. And both styles are widely accepted. San Francisco welcomes you as you are, so dress the way that boosts your confidence. Or maybe, you’ve been dying to try a new trend, San Francisco is a great place to do so! 

I am no fashionista. I think it’s best to pack for practicality with a few fun options thrown into the mix. But I love that you can dress to express yourself here.

5 San Francisco Packing List Essentials

What to pack for San Francisco varies slightly based on the weather during the time of year you visit, however, there are some essentials that you’ll need no matter what!

Good Walking Shoes

San Francisco is a great walking city. Neighborhoods are close to one another allowing you to walk from one to the next without skipping a beat. That being said, you will likely be walking for miles a day, up and down hills, trying to see all of the awesome views in San Francisco. So a good pair of comfortable walking shoes are a must on your packing list for San Francisco. I usually wear boots or sneakers, depending on my outfit for the day. 

Alternatively, it’s not uncommon for locals to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes for their walk or commute home. So if you want to look cute for photos during your adventuring, maybe sneak some lightweight sneakers into your backpack, like AllBirds, for the walk between destinations. 

A Jacket

what to wear in San Francisco

The style of the jacket may change depending on the month you’re visiting the city, but a jacket is a San Francisco staple nonetheless. In the summer months maybe it’s a leather or jean jacket for the evening, but in the winter, you’ll want a warm raincoat.

A Good Pair of Jeans

San Franciscans like to keep things casual, so Jeans are a must. They can be ripped “Mom” jeans are dark skinnies. Jeans are perfect for touring the city during the day and they can be dressed up a bit for a night out. Plus, they keep us warm in the colder months!

A Good Bag

woman walking through forested area in Presidio, CA

You’ll likely be gone from your hotel room all day, returning only for a quick nap and change of clothes before heading out for the evening, so you’ll need a good bag.

Thankfully, backpacks are back in style which is perfect for carrying your camera, an extra pair of shoes, and a jacket while you’re gone for the day. For evening adventures, I suggest a crossbody bag or a clutch. 

Just make sure you keep an eye on your belongings. Like every major city, crime and theft do happen here, so be cautious. I don’t think you have to wear your backpack on your front or anything, but make sure it’s secured and valuables out of sight.

Fun Accessories

woman sitting on tiled steps holding hat in front of face

In San Francisco, you can’t go wrong with a hat, whether it’s a beanie, boater, or a baseball cap.

You’ll also definitely want a good pair of sunglasses. Aviators are a classic look here in San Francisco, but sunglasses are a great place to get a little funky. Maybe try some cat-eye sunglasses for the day?

Scarves are also an excellent accessory to liven up an outfit, especially if the weather is chilly.

And jewelry, bring your own, or maybe treat yourself to some new hippie-chic pieces from shops in San Francisco.

Now that the San Francisco packing list essentials are taken care of, let’s break packing for San Francisco based on the season of your visit.

What to Wear in San Francisco in Winter (January – March)

Winter in San Francisco is cold and wet. Even though the temperatures remain mild, in the 50s, there is usually a wind that makes it feel more chilly than it is. One thing you should know is that Californians do not like cold weather. Unless of course, we intend to go to the snow, then we go to it, and then leave it in the mountains before we return home to our temperate climate! In the city, you’ll see us wearing coats built for MidWest or North East winters.

If you’re coming from those locations for a holiday trip, then you’ll probably laugh at us, but we’re OK with it.

You’ll want to pack a rain jacket, umbrella, waterproof boots, and think in terms of layers. A scarf, a beanie, and gloves are also a good idea as you’ll likely be out all day sightseeing.

My favorite waterproof boots are these Sorel booties. I wore them all over Ireland, which rains more than here, and my feet stayed dry and warm. 

What to Wear in San Francisco in Spring (March-May)

Spring is a beautiful time to visit San Francisco. Most of the rain is behind us, which means that flowers and trees begin to bloom! The weather is a bit warmer as well, which means you should throw a dress or skirt in your suitcase! I still recommend a jacket or coat for the evenings. And even though the rain is gone, we might still get a rainy day or two, so keep your umbrella in your bag as well.

What to Wear in San Francisco in Summer (June – August)

Summer is the time of year that usually confuses people, especially if it’s your first trip to San Francisco. Most tourists understand winter and spring weather. But when they dream of a California summer, they’re thinking about LA’s hot summer days at the beach.

That is not the case in San Francisco. We lovingly – ish call June, June Gloom. This is when our good friend, Karl the Fog, comes to visit. And stays a little longer than any of us like. Yes, we’ve named the Fog. Karl even has its own Instagram account!

And I know, you’ve seen that quote that Mark Twain supposedly said (although that topic is hotly debated) “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”. Whoever said it is not wrong.

So what should you pack for summer in San Francisco? 

Layers are the name of the game. 

The day could start foggy and chilly, then the fog clears and the sun comes out to play. Only to disappear again an hour later. You’ll want to be able to add layers on and remove them as the weather changes so that you stay as comfortable as possible. 

This time of year, however, is a great time to take trips out of San Francisco to Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, or Napa. So if those destinations are on your itinerary then you’ll need to pack summer clothes as the rest of California gets hot during the correct months!

What to Wear in San Francisco in Indian Summer (September – October)

woman in white dress walking down tiled staircase

San Francisco gets its warm summer days after the traditional summer months. September, October, and even the early weeks in November are the warmest of the year. This is when you’ll see us grabbing our swimsuits and heading to one of the many beaches within city limits.

You’ll want to pack your summer dresses, shorts, maybe even a comfortable sandal or two. Don’t forget sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses. A light cardigan or jean jacket would be suitable for evening plans just in case there’s a breeze.

If you can, I’d highly recommend visiting during this time of year!

What to Wear in San Francisco in Fall (November – December)

Thanks to our late summer, Fall in San Francisco is pretty short. After sweltering through October, the air will turn crisp as the trees begin to change color. And trees do change color here, not as drastically as other places in the US, but you’ll still get a sense of Fall.

Plus, the city will begin to decorate for the Holidays which adds a festive cheer to your visit. 

For your Fall San Francisco visit, consider adding a pair of knee-high boots and a longer coat to your packing list. A chunky sweater is always a good idea and a fun holiday dress or two!

Most of the Christmas Days I’ve had growing up here are sunny and 75*, which might be a bit shocking for many visitors. However, the days surrounding Christmas can be a mixed bag of low 60s and overcast. No matter what weather greets you at this time of year, get out there and enjoy the holiday festivities!

At the end of the day, pack clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. San Francisco welcomes all styles, so rock whatever yours happens to be. Then throw in warmer items for the colder months (aka Summer) and some cooler items for the warmer months (aka Fall) and you’ll be just fine. 

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