The Solo Female Travel Guide with everything you need to know to travel fearlessly.



On this page, you will find a number of articles to help you overcome your fears to travel solo. You’ll see posts containing my best advice from my experience traveling solo for 2 years and counting. I’ve also included my experiences quitting my job to pursue travel along with fun travel stories of facing my own fears. But you won’t just hear from me, because while I’d like to go everywhere, that just hasn’t happened yet! So I enlist the help of fellow solo female travelers to provide additional inspiration!

Once again, welcome and know that you’ve joined a legit community of solo female travelers!

start your journey here

Whether you’re new to solo travel or looking for some fresh inspiration, you’re sure to find it here.

solo female travel safety

Safety is a priority when traveling alone as a woman. Don’t let fears about safety issues stop you from booking your trip. Just prepare with the tips below.

travel planning

All of my top tips for planning an epic trip, including the favorite destinations from seasoned solo female travelers.

how to pack

Everything you need to have in your backpack or suitcase for an enjoyable solo trip. This section includes destination specific packing lists.

quitting your job

Planning to quit your job to travel? I’ve got you!