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ABOUT just chasing sunsets

Hi there! Welcome to Just Chasing Sunsets and my little slice of the internet that is all things solo female travel. I’d like to say that I started traveling solo on a whim, but I don’t do many things on a whim.

I’d done everything I was supposed to do. I got the degree, then the advanced degree, I actually got a job using that degree and worked for 8 years in my field. 

Then I took my first solo trip to Ireland in 2015 and my life started down a different path. Filled less with what I was supposed to do and more with what I’m meant to do. After a follow up solo trip to Costa Rica in 2016 I made the difficult and terrifying decision to quit my job in 2017 to travel long term.

With just a backpack, I headed to South America in 2018 and after many countries, buses, and flights, I ended up back in Ireland where it all started.

This blog is dedicated to that journey. Remembering the fears before that first solo trip and how to move past them every step of the way. 

And how you can too.

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