The Best Travel Gifts for Her that She’ll Love!

Finding the perfect present for the frequent flyer in your life is challenging! You want to get her something fun, but also something she can use on her adventures that won’t take up too much space in her carry on. And that’s just what she wants too! I’ve compiled a list of the best travel gifts for her, based on my own wants and needs on the road! I’ve received some awesome gifts and others that I was grateful for but just didn’t suit the traveler’s lifestyle. Below discover items she wants, needs and would show that you just get her.

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Gifts to Inspire Wanderlust

These gifts are perfect for the traveler who is just starting out or who is taking a break, but wants to keep the wanderlust alive! She doesn’t travel for months at a time and has a home base that she loves to decorate with items that fuel her passion for travel. Plus, she loves to escape into a good travel book when she can’t travel herself! These are the best travel gifts for her.World Map There are so many of these on the market. From scratch off to putting a photo in each country. You can choose one that focuses on a specific country if she’s got a favorite country. Or if she’s checking countries off a list, get a world map!

Country MapDid she fall in love with a specific country or city? There are some beautiful and unique maps out there highlighting countries and cities. You can get one that details the subway system or a graphic map outlining the counties. Below is an example of one of my favorites for Ireland.

Coordinate NecklaceMy best friend gave me a necklace engraved with coordinates of my favorite place, Galway, Ireland. It was a simple necklace, but a grand gesture. If she doesn’t have a favorite place just yet, put her home coordinates on it so she never feels too far from home. You can find these on Etsy!

World Map Phone CaseOn retreat in Mexico, I met a woman who hand paints phone cases. She just celebrated two years of business and came out with a stunning wanderlust line. Inspire wanderlust in your friend and help a female-owned small business. Double win!

Travel Books

 Instead of re-listing all of my favorite travel-related books, I am going to refer you to my wanderlust books post. If the traveler you’re shopping for is an avid reader, there you’ll find my top recommendations. But before you go check them out, I want to highlight two very special books, She Explores and Vagabonding.She Explores by Gale Straub I discovered She Explores in one of my favorite cafes in Galway that had a wide variety of coffee table style books. After thumbing through it over a hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon, I sent a text to my sister in law with a photo of the book and said: “I need this”. I love it when people listen, because that Christmas, I unwrapped the She Explores book.This book is a compilation of the first-person stories of 40 women who are inspired by adventure and travel. She will relate to the stories and the women in this book more than you know. On the days she doesn’t trust herself she will turn to the women in this book. It truly is a great gift!

Vagabonding by Rolf PottsIf the female traveler in your life aspires to quit her job to travel long term, this is the book she needs to read. It will help her realize that she is already capable enough to take on her grand adventure.

Fearless Female Travel: From Windowless Office to Window Seat by Yours TrulyThis eBook goes on a journey with your fearless traveler, a journey that will take her away from her miserable job and into a world of adventure. It’s filled with practical tips, how to’s, and solo female travel guides to help her realize her dreams. Plus it comes with a corresponding workbook to help her stay on track, decrease the overwhelm, and get on the road.

Fearless Female Travel eBook

Practical Travel Gifts

I don’t want to be super annoying about this because traveling is amazing and such a privilege. But it’s also really stressful and she is bound to have a few hard days on the road. It could be because she just got somewhere with no WiFi (yes, those places still exist) and now she can’t Skype with you or it could be because she thought she booked a flight for that day only to show up at the airport to discover she’d booked the flight for a week prior. Now, I haven’t found anything on the market to help with that second scenario, but there are definitely items to help with the first one. These may not be the sexiest gifts, but every traveler needs them!Travel TowelDid you know not many hostels provide towels? And do you know how heavy and bulky a regular towel is to pack? Enter travel towels; lightweight, quick-drying travel towels that are essential for beach getaways and hostels. They’re not that luxurious, but she will need one!

Universal AdapterEven if she’s only heading to one country a universal adapter is a great gift. Travel adapters are clunky and awkward to pack. A universal adapter takes up much less space and she’ll need it once she gets bitten by the travel bug and decides last minute to add on a different country with different plugs!

Multiport Charger Everything has a cord these days. Watches, phones, Kindles, cameras. They all need a charge and plug space is limited on the road, especially in hostels. A charger with multiple USB ports is so handy when she’s trying to keep her electronics charged at once.

Packing CubesIf she hasn’t heard about packing cubes yet, she soon will and she will want them. Packing cubes seriously maximize space while also keeping her items organized. Using these she’ll be able to find exactly what she needs when she needs it. I use both of the packing cubes shown below.Portable WiFiRemember when I said your friend may end up in locations with crappy WiFi. Enter Portable WiFi. Help her stay connected with you with one of these from Skyroam!

Sustainable Travel Gifts

One side effect of traveling is realizing the ripple effect of one person’s actions. She’ll see how all of that plastic ends up on once pristine beaches in a far off place. She will worry about her carbon footprint from the flights she takes. Help her reduce the environmental impact of travel with the items below.Hydro Flask. I need to say RIP to the three Hydro Flasks I’ve loved and lost across the world. I hope their new owners are well hydrated with cold water and reducing their plastic water bottle usage. Really, any reusable water bottle will do and I’ll admit that the Hydroflask is a bit clunky at times. There are also some collapsible bottles that won’t take up too much space, they just won’t keep her water cold or tea hot!

SteriPENDoes your friend go off the grid frequently? So much so that you worry about her getting sick from contaminated water? If she is traveling somewhere without clean drinking water, a SteriPEN will sterilize the water so she can keep using the Hydro Flask and not plastic water bottles.

Wooden CutleryWhile she will enjoy meals at a slow and leisurely place most of the time, there will also be days where she wants to eat on the go and doesn’t have any utensils! I use my bamboo cutlery all of the time!

Gifts to Keep Her Fit & Healthy

Traveling challenges even the most dedicated health and fitness enthusiast. First, she’s got an ever changing routine that makes sticking to any sort of workout regiment difficult. Second, her sleep schedule will be thrown off by changing time zones frequently and noisy hostel bunkmates. And third,  you know she’ll try any and all of the food!The combination of these three can really wreak havoc on her immune system and zap her energy. Help her stay energized for her sightseeing with these gifts below.

Eye MaskEye masks are clutch for those nights in the hostel when someone decides to flip the light on at 3:00 am. Or when she just needs a midday nap.

Ear PlugsThe eye mask shown above comes with earplugs which should work just fine. But in case you decide to go with a different eye mask, the best companion gift is earplugs. I use Mack’s and they work just fine for muffling the sounds around me when I need to catch up on my sleep.Beachbody On Demand All-Access PassThe company that gave us P90X has expanded its exercise catalog to include some of the best online fitness programs. Everything from cardio to strength training, to yoga, is on Beachbody on Demand. Your friend can stream any workout over WiFi or download 7 workouts ahead of time for when she will inevitably not have any WiFi.

Exercise BandWeights are just silly to try to pack, but an exercise band is lightweight and incredibly effective to help her maintain strength.

Yoga MatRemember when I described that scenario where she shows up to the airport only to discover she made a mistake booking it. Yoga is the solution. I didn’t pack a yoga mat when I was on the road for 10 months, but I seriously wish I did. I would’ve been much more proactive about getting my practice in and managing travel stress!

World Nomads The just in case gift. If you know where she is traveling and the activities she plans then you can purchase her travel insurance to keep her and her trip safe. It’s an annoying, but necessary expense for travelers, she’ll be grateful you took care of it for her.

Gifts to Help Her Capture Memories

You know your wanderlusting woman is going to want a way to capture her experiences whether that’s with the click of a camera or pen to paper. Plus,  when she returns home, she will want to remember the memories she’s made for a long time. Help her keep track with these gifts!Travel Journal This is a travel journal with a twist! It has some fun, some serious, prompts that will bring a bit of mindfullness to her travels.

GoPro The GoPro has come a long way and is an amazing gift for the budding travel blogger or vlogger. The GoPro 8 launched in October and it is number one on my list *hint hint*.

Fotopro TripodHow is she supposed to get those amazing Instagram photos without a tripod? This tripod has flexible legs she can wrap around just about anything and attach her phone or camera to so she can snap her own perfect photo without having to ask anyone for help!Memory Cards I go through memory cards like crazy, I always end up deleting photos from them, and hate that! Stuff her stocking with a bunch of memory cards so she can keep all her memories safe, and organized!

Give Her an Adventure

These gifts are all legit and she will be so happy to receive any of them. But as a traveler she doesn’t crave things, she craves experiences and adventure. Gift her an adventure. Find out where she’ll be going and research the popular activities there. Figure out one that aligns with your friend’s travel style and gift it to her!She will be so excited for the thoughtful gift and the experience will be even more meaningful! There are a number of resources out there to book tours such as Get Your Guide, Viator, and even Airbnb has gotten in on the game with their experiences! Simply type in the city she’ll be visiting and book something that she will love!I hope this helps you discover some unique, practical, and fun gifts for the female travelers in your life! If she is going to Peru, the Galapagos, or Ireland check out those packing lists for more specific destination gift ideas!

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