An Ode to the Menstrual Cup: My DivaCup Review

Diva Cup Review

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It’s funny, as I was trying to come up with a title for this DivaCup review, I had various ideas like “How spending $30 saved me $1,000s” or “Forget Toilet Paper – this is the ONE thing you need in the pandemic”. As you can see, I opted for something less grandiose but I still do full-heartedly believe those statements. The DivaCup changed the way I approach my monthly cycle, made traveling while on my period hassle-free, and after using it for over two years, I figured it was time to finally write about the life-changing magic of using a DivaCup. 

What is a DivaCup?

Ok, so I’m using the name DivaCup in reference to a menstrual cup here, but really the DivaCup is a brand of menstrual cup. Kind of like we all know Kleenex is a brand of tissue. Menstrual cups are a more sustainable, cost-effective, and healthy alternative to tampons and pads. More on that in a few paragraphs.

Two years ago, when I was purchasing my first menstrual cup – the DivaCup was really the best menstrual cup out there. 

As I sit here now, writing this post, a quick Amazon search brings up a number of menstrual cup brands that did not exist two years ago, each touting their own benefits. And then when I click over to Instagram, my feed is now littered with ads for a variety of menstrual cups. Marketing genius.

And proof that more women or realizing the massive benefits of making the switch to a menstrual cup.

Today, menstrual cup shoppers have way more brand options to choose from including brands named Flex, Saalt, Lena, Lunette among many others. They’re all within the same price range, made of medical-grade silicone, and similarly shaped. The only one that I would maybe consider switching to is the Flex because it looks a bit easier to remove. 

Other than that, none of them are compelling enough for me to change from my tried and true DivaCup. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means that, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a tiny bit of income if you decide to make a purchase or booking. I only recommend products I use and wholeheartedly believe in!


Why I Made the Switch to the DivaCup

Purchasing the DivaCup was a decision I went back and forth on for way too long. Reading countless DivaCup reviews, watching awkward “how to use” videos, and asking friends who use it intimate details about their period before ultimately deciding to purchase it and try it out for myself.

I was looking for something that would make managing my period while traveling long term easier. 

I didn’t want to have to hunt down tampons in rural towns that often didn’t even have a pharmacy. Yes, you can find tampons in most major cities, but there were times I would be on multi-day treks miles from the nearest town – what if I got my period then? Side note – I got it on the last day of the trek to Machu Picchu thank the LORD!

Now, tampons aren’t huge and heavy, but I also had limited space in my overly full carry-on backpack. Sure I could shove a few tampons in the sides of it, but it turned out to be easier to find a tiny bit of space for one little DivaCup!

I don’t need to tell you this, but tampons require changing every 4-6 hours. Something I used to push beyond 6 hours on my busier days. A DivaCup, on the other hand, doesn’t need a change for up to 12 hours!. That means you can take that 12-hour bus ride without worrying about developing toxic shock syndrome because you couldn’t change your tampon! 

DivaCup Review

DivaCup Pros and Cons

The pros of using a DivaCup seriously outweigh the cons, so let’s get those out of the way.

Cons of Using the Diva Cup

  • In order to use a DivaCup you will need to be comfortable with your body and get over the ick factor. 
  • It can be messy as you get used to removing it – which is the trickiest part.
  • If you have an IUD discuss using a DivaCup with a medical professional as it could dislodge it
DivaCup Pros and Cons

See that was it! Now let’s get to the life-changing benefits of using a DivaCup

  • Cost Efficient. It will save you thousands of dollars in tampons. The average woman has spends roughly $1800 on tampons in her life. But I’d argue it’s more because we require different tampon sizes for different days in our cycle. So usually one box just won’t cover our entire cycle. A DivaCup costs $25.00
  • Environmentally Friendly. Did you know tampons and pads are made primarily of plastic? I didn’t either. One tampon will take longer than our lifetime to decompose, likely a minimum of 500 years. Now multiply that by the 9000 tampons one woman uses in her lifetime then by the number of women who use tampons. That’s a lot of tampons decomposing for centuries. DivaCup provides an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons.
  • Maintains normal pH. You know what sucked when I was using tampons – the constant insertion and removal left me seriously dry and irritated down there. Plus tampons contain harmful chemicals that really should not be inserted anywhere! The DivaCup is made of silicone… that’s it!
  • Longer Time Between Changes. Again you can leave it in for up to 12 hours! This means you can go on that long road trip without worrying about having to change your tampon or run the risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome. 
  • You don’t feel it! When inserted properly – you won’t even know you have it in. There have been days I’ve forgotten about even being on my period because I didn’t feel it, didn’t need to know when to change it, and did not have to worry about leaking!
  • Save your undies! No more granny panties during your cycle. Since leaks just don’t happen with the DivaCup – your panties are safe!
  • Sleep, swim, travel, run, live leak-free with the DivaCup

Now that you are all hyped up on the benefits of the DivaCup, let’s talk about which Diva Cup is right for you and how to use a DIvaCup.

If you’re ready to experience the life-changing magic of the DivaCup you can purchase yours here.

What DivaCup is Right for You?

There are three DivaCup models: Model 1 is the one I use and is for women around 30 who haven’t given birth, Model 2 is for women 30 and above who have given birth, Model 0 is for women under the age of 19.

When I purchased mine there were only two – Model 1 and Model 2.

It’s awesome that they’ve since expanded to include the younger generation of women. Start ‘em early on the better way to have your period!

How To Use a DivaCup

To be totally honest I could not figure out how to insert the DivaCup when I first received it. I couldn’t quite get the fold down, even after watching countless videos on “how to put in a DivaCup”. 

After almost throwing it away and going back to those drying tampons, the folds just fell into place and it inserted painlessly!

You can fold it into a “U” or “C” shape, but that doesn’t work for me. Once it’s in a “U” shape, I drag the inner “U” towards the base. 

How to fold a Menstrual Cup

Then I squat a bit, insert and wait for the pop. You’ll feel it pop open and that’s how you know it’s correctly inserted. If you don’t feel it pop open then twist the base of it to make sure it unfolds. If it doesn’t unfold, you’ll be in for some leakage.

The length of the stem can sometimes be uncomfortable. If you can feel it, and it’s inserted properly, you can always trim the stem.

When it’s time to remove the DivaCup, squat a bit, bear down – this will help push the DivaCup down. Pinch the base of the cup to pull it out and dump the contents in the toilet. If you have a particularly heavy day, you may even feel the DivaCup drop down a bit, and you know it’s time for a change.

Rinse it out using tap water, make sure the holes at the top are clear – this helps keep the “vacuum seal” inside, preventing leaks. 

Reinsert if necessary.

Please, wash your hands before and after inserting the DivaCup.

When your cycle is finished, boil the DivaCup to sterilize and store it in its bag.

If you’re traveling with the DivaCup and don’t have access to boiling water. You can also clean it thoroughly with Dr. Bronner’s soap or ask your hotel for water for tea. Place the DivaCup in a cup, pour the boiling water over it, and cover. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

How to clean a DivaCup

But Where Do I Actually Remove and Clean the DivaCup?

My biggest concern with the DivaCup was having to change the DivaCup in a public restroom. Washing the remaining blood out in a public sink and having women look at me in disgust.

In my head, I knew that all women deal with this, but I would still feel really uncomfortable doing this in a public bathroom.

I’m happy to report in my two years of using the DivaCup, I’ve never had to do this. I’ve always been able to find a private bathroom to change it. Coffee shops are generally a good option for a private bathroom if you’re on the go and need to change.

But since it can be worn for so long, I generally insert it in the morning and night in the comfort of my own bathroom. I actually try to change it in the shower whenever possible. I find it’s just easier to clean it and myself. When I change the Diva Cup in the shower I’ll also use Dr. Bronner’s soap to clean it out a bit. Plus, it gives my body a few minutes of being Diva Cup free. 

My Two Biggest Mishaps when Using the DivaCup

I bought myself a new DivaCup before a recent trip to Ireland. Mine was stained – this is normal – and I just wanted a “fresh” one. Well, I didn’t inspect it and I received a knock off. 

I started my period in Ireland – inserted the knock off brand and then woke up to blood all over the pristine white sheets. I had to go back to tampons for the remainder of the trip and could not figure out what had gone wrong. It was just a knock off – something I should’ve noticed because the bag didn’t have DivaCup written on it, the tiny holes at the top weren’t there, and DivaCup was not written on the cup itself.

The second one happened when changing the DivaCup at home. It was a particularly heavy day, and I accidentally hit the edge of the toilet with the cup and dropped it. My bathroom looked like a murder scene. 

Besides those two mistakes, it’s been two years of period bliss. One year of which I was traveling constantly and never once thought about having to stock up on tampons or worry about leaks. I even swam with Hammerhead sharks while on my period!

The DivaCup changed the game for me and I’m positive it will for you too. 

Purchase your DivaCup here!

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