How to Use Travel Affirmations for Your Solo Trip

Travel Affirmations

I used to roll my eyes when I heard people touting the power of affirmations. You mean you want me to stand in front of a mirror and tell myself I love myself? Nah – I’m good. But as I started to dive deep into personal development through my yoga practice I saw affirmations in a different light. Affirmations are about speaking your truth, or your desired truth, into the Universe, asking it to respond. When I realized I wanted to quit my job to pursue travel, I went all-in by creating my own travel affirmations. I put the skeptic in the backseat and surrendered myself to the idea that asking for what I wanted would eventually bring it into existence.

And it did.

Now you might be thinking, Katie – when did you go and get all woo woo on me?

And I’ll tell you exactly when.

See, I’d been saying my list of positive affirmations daily and nothing was happening. I was working a side hustle as a Beachbody coach and had a goal I needed to hit in order to earn a free trip. So I added an affirmation to my list that said “I will help 5 people this month”. Each morning I sat for 10 minutes and on every inhale I thought “I will help 5 people this month” and on every exhale I thought “It feels good to help 5 people this month”. And I did it. Those 5 people came to me for help. It wasn’t even hard.

After that free trip, I was hooked on manifesting and using affirmations. I applied the affirmations for travel and went on to quit my job, travel for 10 months, start this blog, and get a job in the travel industry.

Whether you have travel anxiety, are working on a positive travel mindset, or want to add some new travel affirmations to your current practice this post is for you.

I used travel affirmations to earn a free trip.
Living my best life on a free trip

Books About Affirmations

As I mentioned above, I was also deepening my yoga practice through yoga teacher training while planning for travel. One of the books we read during training really spoke to me, called Buddha’s Brain. It described how we can rewire our brains through our thoughts and meditation. There was scientific proof backing up something I’d already experienced.

This deepened my woo-woo-ness for positive affirmations.

Towards the end of our yoga teacher training, our teacher invited us to write a letter to ourselves. In this letter, we wrote our hopes and wishes for the next year of our life. We turned it in and she said she would send it to us in a year. Then I went off on my year of adventure and basically forgot all about daily affirmations.

Towards the end of my journey, as I was trying to answer the ever-elusive question of “what’s next”, I came across this book called The Secret. I read it in two days from the comforts of my hostel bed in Ireland and was reminded about the power my mind yields to create the life I desire.

Ireland was the last stop on my year-long adventure that ended 2 months short! A few days after I arrived home, a letter arrived for me in the mail. I thought it was strange that there was a letter addressed to me in my handwriting. I opened it up to find my letter to my future self.

I cried when I read it.

Everything in it came true.

I’d put my deepest desires for my life onto a piece of paper and literally sent it out into the world. Then I promptly forgot about it while my dreams unfolded in front of me. But that entire time the Universe was working to make sure I was taken care of on the road.

My woo-woo-ness around travel affirmations was solidified and the skeptic kicked out for good.

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What Is An Affirmation?

That’s all great right, but what does affirmation even mean? What was I saying to myself every day? How do these statements even work?

An affirmation is simply a short positive message that describes who you want to be in a way that it’s already true. The goal of an affirmation is to rewrite the self-limiting beliefs that reside in our subconscious and create new positive beliefs about ourselves.

When talking about travel affirmations for instance, you may have a thought that it’s not safe to travel solo. You would rewrite this negative thought into a positive affirmation such as “I am grateful for a safe, smooth, and comfortable journey”.

I love this quote from Prentice Mulford in The Secret which perfectly describes what an affirmation does:

“When you say to yourself, ‘I am going to have a pleasant journey’ you are literally sending elements and forces ahead of your body that will arrange things to make your journey pleasant”

That’s the meaning and the power of affirmations.

How to Write Affirmations for Travel

Below, I’ll provide a list of my favorite travel affirmations as a jumping-off point for you to write your own.

If any affirmations from the list below resonate with you, feel free to use them – but I also encourage you to write your own positive statements that address your own self-limiting beliefs surrounding travel and using words that you believe in.

The majority of affirmations read as “I am” affirmations or statements and that’s a great place to start writing your affirmation statement.

Always write in the present tense as if your desire is currently true

For instance, if airports stir up anxiety, you may want to create a positive self-affirmation surrounding this, but instead of saying “I will move through the airport with ease” say “I move through the airport with ease”. Simply by removing “will” and bringing your statement into the present makes you the type of person who does move through airports with ease, right now, at this moment.

Avoid negative words

Back to our airport example, if you have a history of showing up to the airport late you may be tempted to make a statement such as “I never show up to the airport late”. Using the word never brings a negative connotation not just into your statement but into how you feel about yourself as a person who, until now, shows up late to the airport.

Change this to “I arrive early to the airport, take my time getting through security, and enjoy a good meal before my flight”. Doesn’t that already feel so much better? Positive self-affirmations aren’t about changing where you came from, it’s about speaking who you want to be.

Write down travel affirmations

Less is more

While I’ve provided a long list of travel affirmations, I highly suggest only using two or three that really resonate with you. Alternatively, you may choose to use some at certain times and not at others. Again, with our airport example, perhaps you use your airport affirmations in the week or two leading up to your journey, but after that, you use ones that relate to staying present in the moment on your journey.

Keep your statements short and specific.

If you have a specific goal in mind, include it in your statement. In the weeks leading up to my hike on the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, each morning I repeated this sentence “My body is strong enough to handle the altitude. I am safely exploring the grounds of Machu Picchu”.

These two statements were powerful for me because I was extremely nervous about my body’s ability to handle the high altitudes I’d be climbing and the amount of hiking I had to complete to safely arrive at Machu Picchu.

A few powerful words of affirmation are all you really need. I have some of my favorite words in the image below that you can use to infuse your statements with positivity.

Positive Travel Affirmation Words

How to Use Affirmation Statements?

Now that you have your list of two to three positive travel affirmations – how do you use them?

In order for your positive travel affirmations to have the desired effect, they need to be repeated constantly and consistently. Up until this point, our brains have been wired to think a certain way – in order to change that, our brain needs to be rewired which takes consistency.

Some people choose to write their affirmations down every single day. Others like to stand in front of a mirror and say them while looking directly in their own eyes, or maybe while holding a power pose. My personal favorite way to use my travel affirmations is through a mantra that I repeat in my morning meditation.

Each breath I take, I say the mantra in my head. Over and over again for as long as I meditate. Then I will spend some time actually visualizing my affirmation.

Using the airport example. If my affirmation is “I arrive early at the airport without stress” here’s what I’d visualize:

I'd start by visualizing packing my bag the night before and going to bed early. I will visualize waking up, adding the last minute items to my bag, and then gracefully leaving my house. I envision a traffic-free drive to the airport where my ride pulls up right in front of my airline. I remove my bag from the car and relish in the fact that there is no line at the ticket counter. Since I already have my boarding pass on my phone and I’m not checking a bag, I bypass the ticket counter and move straight to the security line. There are only a few people ahead of me, which gives me time to produce my ID and get my boarding pass ready. Thanks to TSA pre-check I don’t have to remove my shoes or liquids so I easily move through security. Then I find some food, a matcha latte, and sit near my gate looking out the window at airplanes coming and going.

This visualization makes me FEEL what it would feel like to actually have that experience moving through an airport. And it feels good.

It also makes me BELIEVE that it’s possible. It’s one thing to tell yourself “I arrive early at the airport” in one moment of your day. Then spend the moments in the next 23 hours beating yourself up over the fact that you’re always late. The affirmations will not work if you do that.

And if you don’t believe it – fake it till you do. Trick your brain into thinking that you are an early person. Find examples of times where you’ve been early and focus on those.

If you still struggle with this – consider setting a reminder on your phone that has your affirmation written on it. Or you can download the wallpapers I created for you and use it as your screensaver or background on your phone.

Instead of repeating your affirmation once and then forgetting about it, retreating back to your normal negative thought patterns, find a way that works for you to infuse these positive affirmations into your daily routine.

Your List of Travel Affirmations

Now I’ll share with you my favorite travel affirmations as inspiration for you to create your own. But before I do, I want to leave you with this quote from the book The Secret that really resonated with me when I had my return to the power of affirmations in Ireland.

“Remember you are a magnet, attracting everything to you. When you have gotten clear in your mind about what you want, you have become a magnet to draw those things to you”

Travel Affirmations for the Actual Travel Part

I move through the world with ease.

I am grateful for safe journeys.

I am grateful for a safe, smooth, and comfortable journey.

I am on a wonderful adventure.

I accept that there will be boring or hard parts of travel.

Travel affirmation for travel

Travel Affirmations for Making Connections

I meet new and interesting people every day.

New countries welcome me with open arms.

People are kind, welcoming, and helpful.

I am not alone. I am connected to the people in the world around me.

I can rely on the help of strangers

Travel affirmations for making connections

Travel Affirmations for When Things go Wrong

I am open to the misadventures.

I surrender control of my itinerary.

I accept that challenges will come my way and rise to overcome them.

I am open to the spontaneous nature of travel.

Travel affirmation for when things go wrong

Travel Affirmations for Abundance

The world is an abundant place.

Everything that I need today will be made accessible to me.

I am open to receiving all of the good that there is in the world.

Money flows freely and easily to me

Travel affirmation for abundance

Travel Affirmations for Presence

I find joy in the simplest of things.

I am grateful for the time I have to travel.

Today is a beautiful day for an adventure – rain or shine.

I am fully present in each moment.

My journey is my own and I am grateful to go through this unique experience.

Travel Affirmation for Presence

Travel Affirmations for Mindset

I am open to new ideas and the questioning of my own long-held beliefs.

I am comfortable being uncomfortable

I am capable, strong, and confident.

I am worthy and deserving of the life I desire.

I am smart enough.

I follow my intuition and trust where it is taking me.

Travel affirmation for mindset

Travel Affirmations for Health

My body carries me expertly through this world.

I nourish my body with positive thoughts, good food, and plenty of rest.

I honor my energy and respond as necessary.

I move my body in a way that honors and respects it.

My body is strong enough to carry me up mountains, down rivers, across oceans, and into city streets.

Travel affirmation for health

Now, you are a lean mean, affirmation writing machine. AKA a beautiful human with a positive outlook on life who will no doubt rock her first solo trip.

Which of these travel affirmations resonates with you the most? Do you mind sharing any that your creative self came up with? If yes – share them in the comments below!

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