The Best Coffee Shops in Dublin for a Matcha Latte

The best coffee shops in Dublin for matcha lattes.

If you’ve read any of my other travel guides or follow me on social media, there is one thing you will know about me: I love matcha lattes. I will go out of my way to find a cafe that serves them in every city I visit. This means I’ve had some amazing matcha lattes in unsuspecting places, and really terrible ones that I’ve had to throw away (bye $7.00!). On recent trips, I’ve been searching for the best coffee shops in Dublin that serve delicious matcha lattes and I’ll be sharing those with you in this post. 

Dublin definitely has plenty of excellent coffee shops to choose from. The list of cafes I want to visit is so long and seems to continue to grow as I discover new cafes through social media or travel planning. I do try to center my cafe hopping to the heart of Dublin city or near the top things to do in Dublin so you can easily incorporate a cafe visit into your itinerary.

While this post focuses on matcha lattes, these specialty coffee shops also serve high-quality coffee including everything from flat whites to excellent filter coffee.

So even if you’re not a matcha fanatic like me, these Dublin coffee shops are still worth popping into for a delicious coffee and a treat.

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Exterior of Network Cafe in Dublin, Ireland.
Exterior of Soren & Son with St. Patrick's Cathedral in the window reflection.

What Makes a Good Matcha Latte?

What makes a good matcha latte is subjective of course, but if you are wondering what my criteria is as I visit these shops, there are a few things that I consider. First, I try to find out if the coffee shop is using ceremonial grade matcha. I try not to be obnoxious about this, but try to see the bag it comes out of if possible. 

In regards to flavor, I want my matcha to have that earthy taste. I want my matcha latte to taste like it has matcha in it. Too often, I’ve received matcha that is basicallly just steamed oat milk. The greener, the better in my opinion!

Also, my order is a hot matcha latte made with oat milk. It’s Ireland so it’s rare that I’ll order an iced one.

The Best Coffee Shops in Dublin for a Matcha Latte

I always do my best to find independent coffee shops when I can and these are some of the best cafes in Dublin for a delicious matcha latte.


Kaph was the first coffee shop in Dublin that I went to years ago when matcha lattes weren’t as common. But, they had one so I popped in! Regularly labeled one of Dublin’s best coffee shops, Kaph remains one of my favorite places to get matcha in Dublin.

I just had another one of their matcha lattes a few hours ago and I am impressed with their consistent deliciousness. The oat milk is creamy and it has a great matcha flavor without being bitter.

The coffee shop appears small as you enter and are immediately at the counter to order. As this is a popular spot for coffee lovers and tea drinkers alike, the line might be out the door, but it moves quickly. There are a few spots to sit downstairs, but head up the narrow staircase at the back for larger tables and the potential to grab one with a view of the buzzing Drury Street below.

Location: 31 Drury Street 

Kaph coffee shop in Dublin, Ireland.
Matcha latte held in front of a Dublin street.


Network is a bright and minimal coffee shop a short walk from St. Stephen’s Green and on the way to the Portobello neighborhood. As I sat at the window waiting for my matcha, I noticed that Network has a very charming local community coffee shop vibe. The friendly staff greeted most people by name and even knew their orders.

The matcha latte itself was lovely, although a little light on the matcha side. But I went back the following morning as it was near my Dublin hotel and asked for a little extra matcha than they normally use. They were very accommodating and it truly hit the spot on a rainy Dublin morning.

Network also has a really great brunch menu with the brunch bap being a popular menu item.

Location: 39 Aungier Street

Network cafe pastry counter with menu in Dublin, Ireland.
Green matcha latte in a white mug on a  wood table.

Shoe Lane Coffee

I stumbled upon Shoe Lane Coffee Shop for the first time on the morning I went to Howth for the cliff walk. I was on my way to the Tara St. DART station when I passed by Shoe Lane. They had a matcha latte on the menu, so naturally, I had to try it. 

I just had it again yesterday before I crossed the River Liffey to the 3Arena to see Hozier perform. It was perfectly made with just the right amount of matcha flavor and a creamy warm texture perfect for the freezing evening. They also have delicious sweet treats to enjoy in their multiple seating areas downstairs and upstairs. 

I also love their decor. Its dark walls and wood accents make it very cozy cafe. You can sit at one of the bar tables downstairs or take your drink upstairs where there is a large wood table if you need to get some work done and some seating in front of the large windows overlooking the busy street below. The window seat on the second floor is my favorite if you can snag it. These windows are the best spots for people watching as there is a bus stop right in front of the cafe. 

Shoe Lane has a second location in Dun Laoghaire as well (a place I’d much like to visit on my next trip!).

Location: 7 Tara Street

Interior of Shoe Lane Cafe in Dublin, Ireland.
Green matcha latte and a pastry on a slated wood table.

Beanhive Coffee

As I researched where to get a matcha latte in Dublin for my most recent trip, the Beanhive was repeatedly mentioned. Its location near St. Stephen’s Green means it is very busy so I ordered my matcha latte to go as there were no tables available.

The Beanhive Coffee is known for their fancy latte art which I noticed many coffees on the tables had, so I was hopeful!

While my matcha latte came with a very simple heart, I was very happy to find that it was lovely. I took it across to the Green and enjoyed it on a bench while reading a book. 

If you’re looking for a matcha to bring with you on a stroll through the park, the Beanhive is a great place to grab one!

Location: 26 Dawson Street

Holding a coffee cup looking over St. Stephen's Green.
Deep green matcha latte on a counter.

Clement & Pekoe

Clement & Pekoe were constantly popping up on my social media as I planned my recent Christmas trip to Dublin, so I decided to stop by. I loved the huge mirror behind that barista with the cafe name and luckily they had matcha on the menu.

I ordered it to drink in the cafe and they give you a little placard with a country on it, instead of  a number or taking your name which I thought was unique.

As I settled in to my stool at the window facing the popular Williams St., I noticed there are benches in front as well that would be perfect on a sunny day. The matcha arrived and I was in heaven, it was so good! Perfectly green and flavorful without being overpowering.

As I finished up, I used the restroom at the back of the cafe (travel pro tip: always use a restroom when it’s available). As I made my way to the back I noticed it opens up into a large room with great tables if you need to do any laptop work, although they only allow it on the weekdays.

Location: 50 William Street

Interior of Clement and Pekoe coffee shop in Dublin.
Green matcha latte in a white mug on a wood table with a green journal and pen next to it.

Soren & Son

One morning I had the intention of checking out a cafe I’d heard of called Two Pups only to find out it was closed that day. Thankfully, Soren & Son was open, although for takeaway only as they seemed to be doing some deep winter cleaning.

The cafe is bright and airy, has a great menu, and a variety of creative drinks. Besides a matcha, you could also get a beetroot latte which I genuinely love as well. They also offer acai bowls and toasties.

I ordered my matcha latte to go as well as a toastie as I hadn’t had breakfast just yet. Since they were only open for takeaway  I took it across to the park outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral to enjoy in the morning sun.

I’ve been raving about all of the matchas so far, and Soren & Son did not disappoint! Matcha flavor – check! Creamy consistency – check! I’d also love to go back and try other items off their menu!

Location: 1 Dean Street

Holding a Soren and Son coffee cup in front of their coffee shop.
Looking at St. Stephen's Cathderal while drinking a matcha latte from Soren & Son.

​The Cake Cafe

The Cake Cafe is truly a hidden gem that’s somewhat tricky to find! It is located in the Portobello neighborhood behind The Last Bookshop on Camden St. (you have to walk through the bookshop!) or off the Pleasants St alley. This cafe is a great spot for breakfast along with a cozy matcha latte.

I was actually going simply for the breakfast, I didn’t know if they’d have matcha on the menu, but I was pleasantly surprised they did and a very well-made one at that! They have really good food including a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. The cafe is small, but they have enough indoor seating and some outdoor seating in an area that has a garden oasis vibe. This is the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy a good breakfast and even better coffee drinks. 

Location: 8 Pleasants Place

Breakfast plate with matcha latte.

Dublin Coffee Shops to Try Again

Dublin Barista School

I was so hopeful about the Dublin Barista School as I love the concept! They offer courses on how to become a barista and use the front for training. This is a great idea as Dublin’s specialty coffee scene is booming and great baristas make great matcha latttes. Upon entering the small storefront off of Grafton Street I noticed they didn’t seem to have anywhere to sit inside as the back area seemed to be where the courses were held.

So I ordered my matcha latte to go and was so excited because it was so green! However, I should’ve added sugar because it was a bit on the bitter side for me. I didn’t realize this until I was a few sips in and a few blocks away. In all honesty, didn’t finish it which was unfortunate. I would try it again though because it could’ve been a one-off. However, with so many other coffee shops making delicious matcha lattes, I’d save my money for them!

Exterior of the Dublin Barista school in Dublin Ireland.
Holding a to go coffee container.

Dublin Coffee Shops to Visit Next Time

I wasn’t able to hit all of the coffee shops I wanted to on my recent trips, even I can only drink so many matcha lattes in a day! But that just means I’ll have to come back to finish off the list!

Other spots on my list include Wall & Keogh Specialty Teas, Alma, Proper Order Coffee Co., and Two Pups Coffee. 

There are a couple of “local” coffee chains as well that serve matcha that I didn’t get a chance to try. I stopped into one of Coffee Angel’s locations and while it was on the menu they said they weren’t getting it until 2024. The Tram Cafe and Brother Hubbard also have multiple locations, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit any of them!

Are there any other Dublin coffee shops I should add to this list for my next trip?

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Are you planning your Dublin, Ireland itinerary? Do you want to visit some of the best coffee shops in Dublin, Ireland that serve delicious matcha lattes. This Dublin foodie guide shares the best cafes in Dublin that make a great matcha latte. These Dublin coffee shops also serve great coffee drinks and sweet treats. Make sure to add these to your Dublin, Ireland bucket list.
Add these Dublin, Ireland coffee shops to your Dublin, Ireland itinerary. This Dublin travel guide shares thee best coffee shops in Dublin that not only serve great coffee but also a great matcha latte. If you're searching for a great matcha in Dublin, these cafes are a great place to get one. Make sure to add these Dublin coffee shops to your Dublin, Ireland bucket list.
Add these Dublin, Ireland coffee shops to your Dublin, Ireland itinerary. This Dublin travel guide shares thee best coffee shops in Dublin that not only serve great coffee but also a great matcha latte. If you're searching for a great matcha in Dublin, these cafes are a great place to get one. Make sure to add these Dublin coffee shops to your Dublin, Ireland bucket list.

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