My Favorite Fit Travel Equipment

Last updated on December 8th, 2017 at 06:21 pm

This tiny little band, is hands down, my favorite piece of travel equipment.

It’s obviously super small and lightweight so why not pack it but it’s incredibly effective.

The possibilities to add extra resistance to your travel workouts just require a bit of creativity and space.

Here’s a full body workout I put together using only my black heavy resistance band.

The Workout

After a good warm up which could include a morning walk around your new city, find your band in your backpack and get ready to sweat.

Perform each move for 30 seconds, each side. Perform all of the moves once through and repeat twice, if time before your tour allows!

  1. Banded RDL –
    1. Place band under the arch of your foot and grab the other end with the opposite hand. Engage your shoulder as you hinge at the hips, then driving through the foot and glutes return to stand.
  2. Kickbacks –
    1. Place the loop around both ankle. Balance on one leg, engage the glute and core as you straighten the opposite leg back working the hamstring and glute
  3. Banded Side Steps
    1. Bring the band up to your thighs, squat and maintain the squat as you step left 2-3 times and then right 2-3 paces.
  4. Banded Squats
    1. With the band still around your thighs; step to the right, squat, step together, step to the left, squat… repeat!
  5. Bicycles
    1. Loop the band around the arches of both squats, bring your feet off the ground and bend your knees 90*. Bring right knee to left elbow, straightening left leg…like a bicycle! Repeat!
  6. Wide V Abs
    1. Loops the band around your thighs, bring your legs straight up and reach your hands toward your toes. Lower your legs toward the ground separating the legs, creating a V, as your arms go overhead. Return to starting position
  7. Marching Bridges
    1. With the band still around your thighs, lift up into a bridge position and drive one knee towards your chest, then alternate; maintaining the bridge
  8. Plank Rows
    1. Knees down or up for plank. Place the loop around one hand and grip the other end with the opposite hand. Perform a row.
  9. Plank Taps
    1. Loop the band around each wrist, come to a plank position. Tap each hand out, then back in, alternating sides
  10. Band Walkouts
    1. From the plank, walk your hands towards your feet, then back out to plank!

Phew! Sweaty yet?!

How do you stay fit while traveling?

For a video of these moves… check it out below!


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