are you ready to finally take that bucket list trip?

                  If you’re tired of…

  • waiting for the perfect travel partner
  • your budgets and schedules to align
  • family and friends to get on board
  • using hard earned PTO staying home
  • (or worse…not using it at all!)

This book is for you!


  • Waking up in a brand new city with only your plans and whims to pursue
  • Finally seeing that world wonder
  • Witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat
  • The confidence you cultivate navigating a new place
  • Catching the sunset on the opposite side of the world surrounded by new friends

Whatever your dream trip is, take a moment to embody what waking up there and exploring feels like.

This could be your reality.

Ready to check off your  bucket list?

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You’ll Learn To

Hi, I’m Katie

I’m here to teach you how to make your travel dreams a reality

In 2018, I quit my job and traveled throughout South America + Europe. After that year, I returned home to make a new travel plan, when COVID came and cancelled them all! Now that destinations are opening up, I’m making more solo travel plans. And ‘I’m hopeful you are too!

In this guide, I share everything I learned, good and bad, throughout all of my solo travel adventures.

Take your Solo trip!

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