Fun things to do in Clifden, Ireland

Why Visit Clifden?

Situated on Ireland's west coast, Clifden is a town that combines rugged landscapes with a lively cultural scene. From exploring the natural beauty of Connemara National Park to enjoying the local atmosphere at pubs, the town provides a mix of activities.

Explore the Town

Most of Clifden's pubs, restaurants, and shops are on Market St and Main St, which form the town center called Millennium Square.

Listen to Live Music

Like any good Irish town, there are plenty of pubs in this small town. But you should make time for a night at Lowry’s.

Cycle the Skye Road

Rent an electric bike to cycle to Clifden Castle, a white sand beach, and soak in stunning views!

Visit Clifden Castle

The ruins of Clifden Castle sit in a breathtaking location just 15 minutes outside of Clifden town.