5 Fun Things to do in chinatown

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Historic Chinatown

Chinese lanterns sway above Grant Avenue, ladies make fortune cookies in a small alleyway shop, and signs written beckon you in to see what lies behind the beautiful Chinese-inspired architecture. Here are the best things to do in Chinatown!

Stoll Waverly Place

Grant Ave is the main street of Chinatown, but one block over on Waverly Place you'll find gorgeous buildings and great restaurants. 

Check out Street Art

On many streets in Chinatown, you’ll find a variety of street art. Some depict Bruce Lee, others with dragons and Chinese architecture.

Admire the Architecture

A few of the best places to see Chinese architecture are Waverly Place, Grant Ave, and the Sing Tong building.

Eat Great Food

Try a variety of Chinese cuisines. A few favorites are Z&Y Restaurant, Mister Jiu's, and Hong Kong Clay Pot.

Have a Drink

Head to LiPo Cocktail Lounge for an incredibly strong Mai Tai!