How to ride the cable cars in san francisco

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

The Cable Cars

The San Francisco cable cars are one of the city's top tourist attractions. There are currently three cable car routes you can ride in San Francisco. All three cable cars intersect at the Powell/California intersection in case you want to switch!

Powell/Hyde Line

The Powell/Hyde cable car route is possibly the most popular cable car line as there are a number of hills, awesome views, and it passes the top of Lombard Street. It begins at Market Street and ends at Fisherman's Wharf.

Powell/Mason Line

The Powell/Mason cable car route is similar to the Powell/Hyde route, with amazing views! It starts at Market Street and ends at Taylor in North Beach.

California Line

The California Line runs perpendicular to the other two lines. It starts at the end of Market Street near the Ferry Building, passes through the Financial District and Nob Hill before ending at Van Ness.