tips for biking across the golden gate bridge


If “ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge” is on your San Francisco itinerary, read on for everything you know to make this happen!

Rent a Bike from a Reputable Shop

A positive experience biking across the Golden Gate Bridge begins with a solid bike rental. I recommend Sports Basement!

Splurge on an Electric Bike

There are a number of steep hills you’ll have to contend with on your way over the bridge and an electric bike can help get you over that hump!

Wear Your Helmet

I can not stress enough the importance of wearing your helmet. It should be included in your bike rental, so please use it!

Start Early

I recommend that you’re pedaling by 9:00 am. You'll beat most of the crowds, be able to stop for photos ops, and take your time!

Park Correctly in Sausalito

There is a specific parking area for bikes in Sausalito. Follow the signs for the Ferry. To the left of the ferry terminal you’ll see rows and rows of bike racks. Park and lock your bike here.

Dress Appropriately

The weather in the city, on the bridge, and in Sausalito can vary drastically. Wear layers and sunscreen!