where to watch the sunset in san francisco

Lined Circle

Ready to chase stunning San Francisco sunsets?

From the beach to the Golden Gate Bridge there are many beautiful places to see the sunset in San Francisco

Sutro Baths

Sutro Baths is what remains of a former bath house and there are ample places to watch the sunset here, from the bluffs, to the beach, to the trails!

Battery Spencer

Located just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge is Battery Spencer. If you’re able to get there, this is a spectacular sunset location in Marin County.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks has a 360 view of the sunset over the city of San Francisco. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Skyline, and the Pacific Ocean. It’s really **chef’s kiss**.

Ocean Beach

Literally anywhere on the beach provides a great viewpoint for the best sunset in San Francisco, but I think the best spot is by the Cliff House!

Tank Hill

This small park has amazing views of San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge to downtown. It's blocked by the wind and easily accessible!