the 5 best views of the golden gate bridge

Lined Circle

The Iconic Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic San Francisco landmark! This 1.7-mile long suspension bridge connects San Francisco and Marin Counties with many beautiful viewpoints!

Battery Spencer

Battery Spencer is the perfect place to watch the sunrise over San Francisco, making it a photographer’s dream.

Hawk Hill

Hawk Hill is where you can get that photograph of the entire Golden Gate Bridge with the skyline in the background.

Marshall's Beach

Walk the Batteries to Bluffs trail to Marshall’s Beach to see an epic view of the Golden Gate Bridge frm below.

Fort Point

Gain a different perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge by getting under it at Fort Point. You may see surfers in the waves below the bridge!

Golden Gate Overlook

On a clear, sunny day, you can photograph the Bridge framed in between two Cypress Trees. Or walk around the old battery for varying vantage points of the Golden Gate Bridge.