The Best 10 Things to Do in Pescadero, CA

Things to do in Pescadero

Due to Coronavirus, I’ve had to shift my travel dreams from foreign far off destinations to familiar locales. After a road trip to Pismo Beach amidst the pandemic, I realized that staying within an hour’s drive of home is the more responsible way for me to travel at this time. Thankfully, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area that is filled with often overlooked hidden treasures. I decided to take a drive to a small coastal town recommended by my sister in law to find out the best things to do in Pescadero, California. 

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Where is Pescadero, CA

Pescadero is a small town in San Mateo County located just 30 minutes south of Half Moon Bay, about an hour north of Santa Cruz and an hour south of San Francisco. Pescadero’s location makes it an excellent place to stop for lunch and to stretch your legs on your Pacific Coast Highway Road trip. Or if you’re visiting San Francisco for a weekend and want a quick city escape, Pescadero is the perfect day trip destination. As soon as you step on to Stage Road, the main street in Pescadero, you will feel the pace of life slow down immediately.

This is why they call it the slow coast.

Weather in Pescadero, California

The weather in Pescadero is fairly moderate with summer temperatures rising into the 70os and winter temperatures in the 50os. I always recommend layers as fog is common along this part of the coast of California. The water is also quite chilly so if you’re planning to swim, mentally prepare yourself for cold temperatures, or bring a wetsuit!

The Best Things to Do in Pescadero

One thing that I loved about Pescadero is the welcoming and community atmosphere. Every shop had a Black Lives Matter sign. The food in the restaurants is all based on local, seasonal ingredients. And the products sold in the adorable shops are sourced locally or from small businesses throughout the country. I felt nothing but happiness and calm as I strolled this one stop light town. A feeling that I welcomed with open arms amidst so much change and uncertainty. I’m certain that you’ll have an equally lovely day exploring the best things to do in Pescadero.

Visit Pescadero State Beach - One of the best things to in Pescadero
Pescadero State Beach

So let’s get to it!

Stage Road is the main street in town where you will find the majority of the things to do in Pescadero. It might be small, but it packs a lot of punch. You’re in for some delicious food and unique shops on Stage Road. 

Restaurants in Pescadero

I was amazed at just how many restaurants were located in Pescadero. So, let’s start with the best Pescadero restaurants to eat in while you’re there (hint: they’re all good!)

Duarte’s Tavern

Duarte’s Tavern is the first building you’ll notice when you drive into town. This restaurant and bar has been holding down the corner of Stage Road since 1894 and there’s a good reason. The food is fresh, as in veggies picked from their garden and fish caught that day kind of fresh. Plus their Olallieberry Pie is absolute heaven. 

I ordered their crab melt sandwich and a slice of Olallieberry pie a la mode. I double fisted that stuff. One bit of sandwich, one bite of pie. it was so good. I’ve also been told that their artichoke soup is top notch. Next time, I’ll order it and report back!

Crab melt sandwich and Olallieberry Pie from Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero, CA
Crab melt sandwich and Olallieberry Pie from Duarte’s Tavern.

During COVID times, you’re welcome to order at the door, pick up your food from the window, and enjoy your fresh meal at one of their picnic tables in the parking lot. You can also order drinks to go if you want to take your lunch for a picnic on the beach. Be sure to wear sunscreen as there is no shade in the parking lot.

Duarte's Tavern in Pescadero California
Duarte’s Tavern, Pescadero, California

Arcangeli’s Market (the best Pescadero bread)

Just down the street from Duarte’s Tavern you’ll find Arcangeli’s (Norm’s) Market. This small market made a name for themselves with their Artichoke Garlic bread and sandwiches. You can expect to find a line of people waiting for the hot Artichoke Garlic bread that they make throughout the day. I was warned by the lady in a shop I’d stopped in just before that people will throw elbows to make sure they get their bread. However, my experience was quite pleasant.

Me with Artichoke Garlic Bread from Arcangeli's Market
So Happy with Hot Artichoke Garlic Bread

To allow for social distancing, there is someone monitoring the amount of people in the store, so you’re asked to wait outside. She then directs you to the back of the market if you want a sandwich or to the register at the front for bread. I waited maybe 10 minutes all together before walking out with a piping hot loaf of Artichoke Garlic Bread.

If you’re not planning on eating the bread immediately, you can also purchase a half baked loaf and finish the baking at home. The market also has everything you’d need for a beach picnic, however, I didn’t linger to take too close of a look – cause you know, COVID.

Arcangeli's Market in Pescadero, CA
Arcangeli’s Market in Pescadero, CA

Mercado & Taqueria de Amigos

The third option for a Pescadero restaurant is Mercado & Taqueria de Amigos. This spot may not be as obvious as the others. It’s actually located inside the gas station at the corner of Stage Road and Pescadero Creek Road. 

Mercado & Taqueria de Amigos has excellent reviews on their fish tacos.I didn’t have the opportunity to try them on my first visit to Pescadero as I’d already eaten my fill.

But I just returned to Pescadero after camping in nearby Butano State Park and this Taqueria was the first place on my list. I ordered two fish tacos and enjoyed them in the sun at a picnic table in their parking lot.

The reviews hold up – these fish tacos are perfect.

Simple ingredients, fresh fish, a squeeze of lime…just like the tacos in Tulum I loved!

Fish tacos from Mercado & Taqueria de Amigos in Pescadero, CA

Downtown Local

Not going to lie, I was surprised to see a hipster style coffee shop in Pescadero, but I was quite happy about it. Downtown Local offers a fresh cup of coffee, pastries, and little shop with local produce. Unfortunately, they didn’t offer matcha during my visit. I’ll have to take a drive soon to see if that’s changed!

Downtown Local Coffee Shop in Pescadero
Downtown Local Coffee Shop

Shop the Pescadero Sheds

There are a number of shops in little sheds along Stage Road in between Duarte’s and Arcangeli’s Market. Three of them were open when I visited as some owners are hesitant to open amidst a pandemic. 

The first you must stop in to is Pescadero Essentials Wellness Collective where you’ll find a wide range of locally sourced beauty products from bath bombs to facial serums. This shop has it all. The owner, Nicole, is incredibly sweet and knowledgeable. She also sources clothing made from rescued women in Nepal. Definitely stop in to shop here!

Pescadero Essential Shop in Pescadero California
Pescadero Essentials Wellness Collective

The other two shops that were open are right next to Arcangeli’s Market, the first is called Slow Coast and offers locally sourced products from jewelry to clothing. 

The second shop is called the Perfume Camp and the owner, Libby Patterson, is a Master Perfumer. She will assist you in creating the perfect scent to reflect your awesomeness. The other reason to wander into Libby’s shop is for the wall filled with loose leaf teas. Tea for everything from digestion to brain function, all of the ingredients sourced locally, of course.

Slow Coast Shops in Pescadero CA
Shops in Pescadero, CA

I bought 3 bags of tea and I’ve already tried two of them, both are fantastic. In non-pandemic times you are allowed to smell the tea, however, I could not. But thanks to Libby’s expert advice I walked out with 3 bags of loose leaf tea, Brain Tea, Self Care Tea, and Balance Tea. I’ve already tried the Brain Tea and Self Care Tea and am so pleased with them. I’m looking forward to creating a lemonade with the Balance Tea for these warm Bay Area summer days!

Tea Wall at the Perfume Camp in Pescadero, CA
Tea Wall at the Perfume Camp

Visit the Harley Farms Goats

Located just up the road from Stage Road is Harley Farms, known for their goats! This Pescadero Goat Farm isn’t just something to do with your kids. I absolutely loved seeing the goats, donkeys, puppies, and baby goats!

Goats at Harley Farms in Pescadero, CA
Harley Farms Goats

Plus they have a gorgeous garden and a shop where you can purchase cheese made from the goats you just fawned over. They also offer body products as well. There are picnic tables near the parking lot if you want to take your hot artichoke garlic bread with you to pair with their cheese. 

Harley Farms in Pescadero, CA
Harley Farms

Visit Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Once you’ve explored this charming town, head down Highway 1 about 6 miles to visit the 116 foot Pigeon Point Lighthouse. The majority of the lighthouse is closed due to COVID, however, this is a great place for photos and to walk off all of that Olallieberry pie. Pigeon Point Lighthouse is also a great place to potentially see whales and seals!

Pigeon Point Lighthouse near Pescadero, CA
Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Pescadero, CA

Relax at the Beach

Now that you’ve eaten and snapped some photos another great thing to do in Pescadero, CA is, of course, relax at the beach. In Pescadero, there are a number of beaches that you can pull off to the side of the road and walk down to, however, the two main beaches with parking lots are Bean Hollow State Beach and Pescadero State Beach.

Any of the beaches are a solid choice to chill on your blanket and soak up this slower pace of life. 

Me on Pescadero State Beach
Pull up a blanket and chill

Hiking in Pescadero

If you’re looking for hikes near Pescadero, a few miles down the road is Butano State Park which offers campgrounds and a wide range of hikes from easy to challenging.

I just spent a night solo camping under the Redwoods and hiking in Butano and absolutely loved it. Besides the other people at the campsite, I only saw maybe 5 other hikers on the trails.

Butano state park map near Pescadero, CA

For something fairly easy, I suggest the Little Butano Creek Trail or Six Bridges Trail. Yes – there are actually six bridges, I counted. Each of these hikes are one mile out and back, although the Little Butano Creek Trailhead is a bit of walk into the park and a bit more strenuous due to a few more inclines.

Cute cabin in the woods in Butano State Park near Pescadero, CA
Cabin in the woods along 6 bridges trail

If you want something a bit longer than 2 miles, I suggest combining Six Bridges Trail (which starts close to the Visitor Center) with Goat Hill Trail. This would be a roughly 6-mile loop through Cypress Trees, Redwoods, and along the creek. You get a little bit of everything with this one and there aren’t any crazy steep inclines.

Goat Hill Trail in Butano State Park is a great place for hiking in Pescadero.
Goat Hill Trail in Butano State Park

No matter which hike you choose, definitely wear bug spray for the creek portions. When I visited in early August, the creek was very low and had some stagnant areas, which bugs love!

A little bit further south is Big Basin Redwoods State Park known for its waterfalls, wildlife, and views! 

There are also a number of great hikes in Half Moon Bay and even more hiking trails in Pacifica.

See the Elephant Seals at Año Nuevo State Park

Ano Nuevo State Park is where you can see elephant seals, although due to COVID this aspect of the park is closed. When it reopens, this is definitely a must do. Elephant seals are such strange creatures to see first hand!

However, there is a gorgeous sandy beach here with a little cave that leads to another tiny beach. So if you are in need of some Vitamin Sea, I highly recommend coming to Cove Beach.

You do have to pay $10 because it’s a state park, but because of this it’s much less crowded than neighboring beaches like Bean Hollow State Beach or Pescadero State Beach.

Cove Beach at Año Nuevo State Park near Pescadero, CA
Cove Beach at Año Nuevo State Park

Where to Stay in Pescadero

If you’re looking to linger in Pescadero a bit longer and really soak up the amazing vibe of this town, you’re in luck with a variety of accommodation options.

Pescadero Camping

As mentioned above, Butano State Park offers campgrounds near Pescadero.

I just spent a night camping there and had a great time. There are flush toilets, a dish washing station, drinking water, and plenty of hiking trails that start in the campgrounds.

Another camping option near Pescadero is Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

Camping in Butano State Park near Pescadero, CA
My Butano Campsite

If you’re looking for something slightly more glamorous, Costanoa Lodge offers a glamping option in Pescadero. They have cabins, tent bungalows, and regular ol’ campgrounds! Check out their website for more information on pricing and availability due to COVID.

Hostels and Hotels Near Pescadero

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel

Located directly next to Pigeon Point Lighthouse is Pigeon Point Hostel with a hot tub that overlooks the ocean which looks absolutely stunning for a sunset! I promise you I will be booking to stay here just for that hot tub once it reopens.

It is currently only accepting reservations for its 3 vacation rental units that can accommodate up to 15 people.

Me at Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Pescadero, CA

Pescadero Creek Inn

Nestled at the end of Stage Road in Downtown Pescadero is the Pescadero Creek Inn which looks like a charming place to extend your stay in Pescadero. The Inn has four rooms to choose from, each with a claw foot tub and there are horses on the property. The Pescadero Creek Inn is also very reasonably priced and currently accepting reservations!

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

If you really want to treat yo self, the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay is the perfect place to do so! It’s right on the beach and located just 20 minutes north of Pescadero.

So, if you’re looking to take a break from the fast-paced energy from city life, are in need of a Coronavirus escape, or are searching for a lunch stop on your PCH road trip itinerary, Pescadero is for you. Even just picking one of the things to do in Pescadero will leave you feeling relaxed. It’s not just about what to do in Pescadero, it’s the friendly nature of shop owners and the community vibe you’ll get walking down Stage Road, popping into the shops. I promise you’ll leave Pescadero feeling refreshed and happy.

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things to do in Pescadero, CA
things to do in Pescadero, CA
things to do in Pescadero, CA

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