Fearless Female Travel Guidebook


Leave the fear of solo female travel behind. This detailed guidebook takes you step by step through everything you need to know to embark on your first solo trip.

This guidebook is thoughtfully arranged in sections to progress you through the journey.

1. Give Fear the Middle Finger

In this chapter, we dissect self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from pursuing your travel drea,s.

2. Taking Care of Business

While it’s not necessary to quit your job to travel solo, this chapter will take you through the steps you need to address if you want to do so.

3. Managing Your Finances

Here is where we talk about the “F” word – Finances. We’ll go in depth on how to figure out how much you need for your trip and then how to budget and save for it!

4. Staying Healthy on the Road

No one wants to get sick on the road, right? The tips in this chapter will keep your immune system strong. Plus there’s a juicy restorative yoga practice I share with you to keep your body feeling fresh.

5. Planning Long Term Travel

Whether you want to travel long term or not – the strategies and resources in this chapter will make sure you plan an epic solo adventure.

6. Solo Female Travel Guide

We end this journey with a bang – all of my top solo female travel tips in one place. We talk about safety, how to get comfortable eating alone, and how to handle loneliness when and if it strikes.

Plus there are loads of resources and worksheets to help you along the way.

I can’t wait to see how you use this book to experience for yourself the life-changing effects of solo travel.