Irish Gifts: Irish Gift Ideas for the Ireland Fanatic on Your List

Not sure what to get that person in your life who can’t stop talking about Ireland? Maybe they’ve been to Ireland countless times, are planning their first trip, or just love the Irish culture from afar. It doesn’t matter why they love Ireland – just that they do and that you want to get them the perfect Irish gift. Let’s dive in to the best Irish gift ideas for the Ireland fanatic on your list.

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For Her: The Claddagh

Claddagh Ring

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The Claddagh represents love, loyalty, and friendship whether she’s your bestie or your future wifey a piece of Claddagh jewelry is a lovely Irish gift.

The Claddagh ring is the most traditional form and is usually given as an engagement ring, but it doesn’t have to be that serious. I found a charming Claddagh necklace for my best friend and I bought myself a ring!

If you can, the best place to get the Claddagh ring is from the original Claddagh jeweler, Thomas Dillon, in Galway. Their small shop has a number of Claddagh options ranging in price, in addition to other Irish jewelry.

If you can’t make it to Galway, you can shop their online store

For the Knitter: Aran Yarn

Irish Gift Idea: Aran Yarn

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This gift comes with an assembly required disclaimer but is the perfect gift for the crafty knitter in your life. My Mom loves to knit so everywhere I go that has a history of wool such as Alpaca in Peru, she gets a few balls of yarn.

Ireland is famous for its Aran wool made from sheep on the Aran Islands. They sell it in any shop that also sells Aran sweaters and it comes in a variety of colors.

If you don’t happen to be doing your shopping in Ireland, you can find Aran wool online at the Aran Sweater Market.

For the Musician: An Irish Instrument

Irish Gift Idea: Irish Tin Whistle

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Music is the heart beat Ireland. You’ll hear it sung by buskers on the streets of Galway. You’ll hear beautiful traditional music in Doolin’s pubs. And your tour guide will share with you his favorite songs.

What better gift for the Irish music lover than an Irish instrument? They don’t even necessarily have to be musically inclined, they’ll love the thought behind this gift.

Two great options are the tin whistle or the Bodhran (a drum). You can find these in many places on the internet, including Amazon, which is quite convenient.

If you don’t think an instrument will excite your Irish music aficionado, perhaps go with music by Dubhlinn. Dubhlinn is a band formed by three of the best Irish musicians I’ve heard (live in a Doolin pub).

You can purchase their CD on their website.

For the Traveler: A Map of Ireland

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Gift her a map of her favorite Irish city that she can hang in her home that will remind her of all of her past adventures there and stoke the fire for future trips.

There are so many types of maps that you can find to suit they style of your friend. You could go the historical route, the graphic route, or I’ve even seen interesting raised wood maps. You could get a map of the entire country or find one of her favorite Irish city.

The best way to find these is on Etsy or Amazon where you’ll find a wide variety of maps. The majority center around Dublin, but if there’s a city you want the creator may be willing to make it for you.

I’m personally a huge fan of the watercolor varieties.

For the Chef: An Irish Cookbook

Irish Gift Idea: Irish bread baking cookbook

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If music is the heartbeat of Ireland, then their food is the soul. Traditionally, it’s hearty and grounding. It warms from the inside out. But it can be a bit tricky to cook, and cook well. So for the budding Irish chef in your life, give the gift of food – that they have to cook themselves!

Yes, another “some assembly required” type gift which is honestly awesome. There are a number of Irish cookbooks out there, from bread to pub food, so you can find one to suit the chef (or baker) in your life.

My sister-in-law loves to bake, so she’s getting an Irish bread baking book...I hope she doesn’t read this before the holidays.

For the Photographer: Irish Photography Book

Irish Gift Ideas: Photo book

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Ireland is a photographer’s dream. It is not short on rural landscapes, charming cities, and sweeping coastal views. Just asking for a photo to be taken.

To inspire your photographer friend, perhaps a book filled with stunning Ireland photos will do the trick?

Giles Norman is a photographer based out of Kinsale. His gorgeous black and white artwork is showcased in his Kinsale studio, but you can bring it to your friend’s home with a book filled with his best work.

For the Homebody: An Aran Wool Blanket

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Ireland isn’t warm, right?? I mean it has a few random warm days in the summer but most of the time it’s chilly and rainy. Which makes even the most outgoing person want to become a homebody and cozy up in front of a fire with a good book.

Now when I’m at home in sunny California and we get a gray day, I get excited to cozy up at home like I would in Ireland. Throwing an Aran Wool blanket over me and hunkering down with a hot tea is a great way to spend a rainy day, no matter where you find yourself in the world.

Avoca makes beautiful wool blankets in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

For the Family: A Framed Family Crest

Irish Gift Idea: Family Crest Print

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Doe your friend have dreams of traveling to Ireland to track down her heritage? Give her a little headstart with a family heritage keepsake. Online at the Irish Store you can type in her surname and they will print the crest and the heritage of her surname.

They have over 200 names available and if they don’t have hers specifically, perhaps they have her grandparents’?

For the Spiritual One: An Irish Blessing

Irish Gift Idea: Irish Blessing Print

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You know that one person in your life who always seems to know the quote from the movie or is always quick with a funny retort.

Honor their gift of words with an Irish saying print. You could keep it classic with the traditional Irish Blessing or have a funny Irish saying printed and framed.

You can find incredibly creative ones on Etsy by searching Irish blessing

For the Reader: A Book

Irish Gift Ideas: A Good Book

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So if music is the heartbeat, food is the soul, then words would be…. Ireland’s breath? I like that, let’s go with that.
But seriously Ireland has a massive literary history that continues today. So gift the avid reader with a book by an Irish author. Now I’m not an Irish author expert by any means, so I turned to the one and only Oprah. Yep, Oprah.
As I scrolled through her list of today’s best Irish authors, I didn’t realize that I’d already read a few, including Room, and added a few to my reading list for the winter.
I will say that the Aisling books were in every single book store in Ireland. I’ve read PS I Love You and wholeheartedly believe that it is better than the movie, and the movie is pretty damn good.

Now you’ve got a little jump start on what to get that Ireland fanatic on your list. The beauty of these is that they’re good for any time of year, whether it’s the holiday season, a birthday, or a “just because” gift.

What am I missing that I should add to this list? What is one of your favorite Irish gifts or souvenirs you’ve brought home for friends and family?

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