Intentions for 2018

Intentions for 2018

New Year New Me? Not this year! I’m not setting any resolutions for 2018. I figure I’m already embarking on a major goal of mine (traveling for the year), I’m not sure I have space for much more. Instead, I’ve decided to set intentions for how I want to approach life in the coming year.

intentions for 2018
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Intentions for 2018

Slow Down

Everything eventually gets done and it doesn’t have to all get done right now. I don’t know if it was the holidays or the fact that in the last 6 months I moved across the country, planned long-term travel, launched a blog, spent time with friends and family… but I ended 2018 feeling rushed. Rushed is not how I want to travel. I want to travel slowly, to experience cultures, to take my time visiting sites and enjoying the food!

Simplify and Streamline

This includes my business and my backpack. Keeping things simple, focusing on doing one thing well will provide more sustainable results than spreading my business, and myself, too thin. As for my backpack, well it can only hold so much and I’m just going to try to keep it organized and not stuff it to the brim!

Protect My Energy

Would you believe that I am still dealing with the after effects of Mono 2015? Yes, it’s been three years. My lymph nodes are still enlarged and if I don’t get enough sleep too many nights in a row, I can almost guarantee a sore throat. For 2018, I intend to honor those times when I need a nap, the sights will still be there, and more enjoyable, after a good rest.

If It’s Not a HELL YES, It’s a Hell No

How good does it feel when you are all in with something, someone, or an idea? How crappy does it feel when you’re halfway in? I’m looking forward to more hell yes, in my relationships, in the places I choose to visit, and in my business. No is a complete sentence.

Give fear the middle finger

I know in the coming months I will be scared. I know that I will be pushed outside of my comfort zone on a regular basis. Short of bungee jumping or skydiving (those are on the hell no list), I intend to feel the fear in my belly, the quickening of my pulse and flip fear the bird.

That’s it! 

Just 5 simple intentions for how I want to show up in 2018.

What are your intentions for 2018? I’d love to hear them! Let me know below!

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