Ever have that little thought along the lines of “I really want to do…” or “I should totally try…”


But how would I do that?
But I have a decent job already?
But I don’t have the time?

then the


What if I try and it fails?
What if I get hurt?
What if people think I’m crazy?

Eventually, we rationalize that little spark of inspiration away and go back to life as we know it.

I had all of the BUTS and WHAT IFS for two years

In 2015, I returned from a two week solo vacation to Ireland and cried for another two weeks I realized I wanted  a different life. I rationalized it away – but everyone goes through this after a vacation. It’s just the post vacation blues.

Instead of following that inspiration, I bought a loft and made a valiant attempt at settling down.  While I love my loft, something just felt off. After a long winter, I decided to book another trip. This time to Costa Rica. I needed to make sure that the little nudge was real.

While on that trip, the owner of the retreat said something that he likely doesn’t even know had a big impact on me.

“It’s never to late to start again. Just because you’ve done something one way your entire life, doesn’t mean you need to keep doing it”

That’s when I decided to Give Fear the Middle Finger

Here’s what I learned in the nearly two year process

  1. The what ifs are totally legit – but there’s also an equally legit why not
  2. If other people have done it – it can be done.
  3. Dream big AND take action.
  4. Give the middle finger to smaller fears first.

Give Fear the Middle Finger is Perfect for You If

You have that spark of inspiration, but aren’t sure how to handle it.

You know deep down that you can do something great, but feel stuck in the what if.

You want to learn a method for processing fears, now and in the future.

You need that extra push to get started.

How does it work?

Once you enroll you get instant access to:

  • A 6 part email series to Give Fear the Middle Finger; complete with videos, workbooks, and resources to help you turn that spark into a flame.
  • The GFTMF private Facebook group. Jump inside to ask me your questions!
  • This is a self paced course – you have access to the videos for life!

Still unsure? Here’s what Jenny had to say about her experience!

Loved GFTMF! It really helps settle into the how’s of getting to your goals in a manageable way and working through some of the fears that stop you from moving forward. Once all that’s on paper, it’s a lot easier to take the action steps needed so I was thankful to have someone share their process of making big decisions and taking a leap of faith after their dreams.



It doesn’t matter whether you’re scared of doing inversions in your yoga class or your scared to quit your job to pursue your side hustle full time, it’s time to turn your WHAT IFS into WHY NOTS!

Let’s Give Fear the Middle Finger

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